Inventions By High School Women

5 profitable inventions by Female High School Students

Inventions don’t happen only to men. High school students from female high schools have come up with everything from ice cream and spiders. These inventions have been extremely lucrative. Although women haven’t been able to receive the recognition they deserve their inventions have had a huge impact on modern society. Today, we’ll look at 5 lucrative inventions created by female high school students. Here are a few examples. We hope they’ll inspire you to become an inventor, too.

The first successful invention to be patented by an female high school student was the circular saw. A pit saw that required two people to operate it and could only cut in one direction. Babbitt invented a way to connect a circular knife to a spinning wheel to cut through wood in one direction. In 1845, the French naturalist named Villepreux-Power was trying to prove that a paper nautilus can develop its own shell. Her invention led to the creation of the glass aquarium.

For her inventions, Goldstein was named Youth Innovator-of-the-Year by the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation. She received 20 patents and then sold her rights to the product for $1 million. High school students also invented a pull-cord that zips up dresses and diapers that are completely disposable and insect repellent. She was also the first female recipient of the Bulbie Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award.

Sarah Buckel invented magnetic wallpaper. just flat donated 400 bar magnets and wallpaper for her lockers in 2006 and then got her father to patent it. Soon, it was being sold in Target and Staples stores. In just one year the product was selling over $1 million. The following years many high school students started marketing their ideas. Of these women, Sarah Buckel and Julia Heinz have patented many products including magnetic wallpaper.

Kelly Reinhart was only six years old when she was given an opportunity to draw a rainy day. She was asked to draw an invention and, if her design was the most effective, she would win the opportunity to create a prototype. The Thigh Pack is her invention lets children carry their video game around during rainy seasons. Millions of children across the world can benefit from this invention. There are many other successful inventions created by high school students whose ideas will change the world.

From the late 1870s through the early 1890s Beasley received 15 patents. Her inventions included steam generators and anti-derailment devices. The barrel lower is her most well-known invention. This tool improved the efficiency and speed of making barrels. The idea was later recognized with more than $2 million. Despite the recognition these women have achieved their inventions are still highly profitable.

Grace Graham invented a typewriter fluid to fix mistakes in her handwritten work. The first time it was marketed as Mistake-Out she kept working on her formula until it became Liquid Paper. Grace Graham also developed COBOL as one of the earliest modern computer programming languages. Scotchgard was also discovered by Grace Graham. A female high school student developed the rotimatic, which is very profitable.

A patent-pending invention developed by a female high school student is designed to make life easier for other people. This invention is much faster than other inventions and can be put into use in a matter of hours. This product can save many lives. It was invented just two decades ago, making it the first commercially successful product for female high school students. It was first made patentable in 1948, and it was commercially successful just a few years afterward. Although this isn’t necessarily an ideal signal for female high-school students, it’s an acknowledgement of their capacity to think outside the box and improve the lives of others.

While there are many profitable inventions created by female high school students however, not all are successful. Wristies is a prime example of a product that can easily be sold to a lot of people. While it’s not the first street sweeper, Parpart’s design improved on the earlier models and became a hit across the U.S. and even Europe. Windshield wipers are another invention that a high school student made. The idea was first patentable in 1903 but was never taken off.

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